From local doordrops to national distribution campaigns, Abbey Flyers is the business professionals’ choice

Whatever kind of business you run, targeted distribution can get you to the heart of your audience.
Whether you aim to reach other businesses or end consumers in their homes, Abbey Flyers can create a package that fits your needs and your budget.

Our clients span the full spectrum of businesses from sole traders and SMEs to blue-chip corporations and our comprehensive, end-to-end service includes the following:

Street-by-street planning tools, across England and Wales
Our demographic analysis tools tell you where your audience lives or works, enabling you to optimise your targeting and giving you the best chance of making an impact.

Selection tools that allow you to target specific types of homes or businesses
If you only want to reach owners of detached houses, or just want to target local retail businesses, we can plan a campaign to fit your requirements precisely, ensuring that there’s no wastage and costs are kept minimum.

Storage facilities for large quantities of leaflets
If you don’t have room to store your leaflets, we can offer storage facilities enabling you to save space and call off quantities as required.

Tracked door-to-door distribution and full reporting
Because every distributor and every delivery is tracked using our real-time GPS tracking system, we can monitor precisely where and when your material has been delivered. You’ll get a comprehensive tracking report at the end of the process, detailing where and when all your leaflets were delivered.

We use our GPS satellite live tracking system to monitor every minute of the distributor’s journey and all our customers receive a personal live tracking log-in so you can view and follow the distribution from your PC as it happens. It is this systematic approach that makes us so effective, and ensures that our clients get the best response.

It’s all part of how we’ve tried to make the Abbey Flyers service one that you’ll want to use again and again.

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